Growing up on the Atlantic Coast of Canada most of my life, I found the love of the forest at a very young age. Living in the country with my two older brothers, the forests became our playground. From hunting, fishing, camping and shelter building my skills grew thru the years.  As a teen, I would hunt alone and started reading books on survival, and practicing these skills, along with my own skills of being a hunter and fisherman. These skills grew as I grew, consisting of primitive survival skills, bushcraft, modern survival skills, signaling, and rescue.  I started a YouTube channel called Kullcraven Bushcraft, where I was able to share my passion of the outdoors with the world.  These days I am working on ways to share my survival skills as well, for people to learn and stay alive, thus my creation of the Lost and Stranded Basic survival video series I now offer, on this site for purchase.

 Youtube channel  https://www.youtube.com/user/kullcraven

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